• #datomic has landed! (via @richhickey) —

    The cat is out of the bag. A postmodern deconstruction of a database, based on the new theories of cloud space. Or something like that. It came with a white paper too! Hosted in the cloud, mostly in-memory, you can go back in time, and many more otherwordly features. Also, it’s got Rich Hickey in the #datomic chatroom!

  • cljbin: A Clojure pastebin with code evaluation (via @gf3) —

    An easy way to send a code snippet to someone, but with the added feature of being able to see the results of executing that code.

  • Java EE web apps with Clojure (via @gao_wei) —

    It was a matter of time that Clojure and JEE would be in the same sentence and without negation clauses…