To the question of “What is Rich Hickey going to unveil at Clojure/West?”, the majority of respondents –a 41% – voted for Clojure-in-Clojure (CinC). Roughly half of these voters think work on CinC will start soon, while the other half think that the work is well under way and kept hidden from us.

Clojure for Objective-C/iOS/cocoa was also quite popular at 22%, while 17% of the respondents dodged the question by answering “Something completely unimagined ” boo!

Of note are also the write-ins, which we are listing after the fancy pie chart.

Now don’t forget to register for Clojure/West today, as the prices are going up after this Friday!

Write-in Responses

  • a Clojure-based operating system
  • A debugger!
  • A fix for CLJ-855. Please!?
  • A new project/product written in Clojure
  • Bagwell’s Lock-Free Concurrent Hash Tries
  • Clojure for the Trash-80
  • clojure native compiler
  • Clojure on Android
  • Clojure on Android
  • Clojure on C/C++ runtime
  • Clojure on Parrot VM
  • Clojure on Rails
  • clojure pypy
  • Clojure targeted towards the LLVM
  • Clojure VOIP
  • Clojure-powered nachos
  • Clojure: The Opera
  • ClojureOSX
  • ClojureOSX
  • ClojureOSX
  • ClojureShell
  • core.logic for more compile time analysis / optimization
  • Dead code elimination library for Clojure/ClojureScript
  • full clojure langage available to clojureScript using web workers and others…
  • Get rid of all these annoying vector literals in e.g. (let ), (for ) etc. Also, while there, deprecate -> and -» that’s just a stumbling block for any LISP-savvy and makes functional code look procedural
  • Google/Oracle to acquire world
  • Hickey for President!
  • operating system
  • Optional typing system a la Qi/Shen
  • Pods
  • Scala to Clojure Converter
  • something non-free
  • static typing support :-)
  • The D in ACID
  • they’re opening a hair salon
  • Visual Clojure, a visual basic clone. lolz
  • Whatever. RH should stop adding fancy technologies to the Clojure ecosystem and instead seriously promote Clojure as a viable industrial language otherwise it’ll remain marginal at best.