(Somebody –me– forgot to click “publish” on this post from last week…, so here it goes, with a few days of delay)

  • Pump, a nice abstraction over HTTP inspired by Clojure's ring (here, via @ghoseb) -- And Ring in turn is "inspired by Python's WSGI and Ruby's Rack". Ideas are best if they're promiscuous!
  • Clojure overcomes Scala in growth, LinkedIn says (here, via @skuro) -- Impressive if it is true, but we still don't know how those numbers are computed and from what kind of data.
    • linkedin.com/skills is an interesting destination. Suggests clojure is the 19th fastest growing skill, and (about time) Java has -ve growth (here, via @dnene) -- This is where the previous graph comes from.
  • Note to microbenchmarkers: HotSpot profiles 10k calls before optimizing a method -@headius #OSCON (via @stuartiserra) -- So don't forget to run your microbenchmarks at least 10k times, and then measure the next run. Now, how does this work with JavaScript?, because this has become pretty relevant now...
  • Information is best recalled when in the mental state in which you acquired it. I can now only program #clojure when drunk. (via @mcsnootch) -- Funny, because I learned and I code Clojure while being sober, and the output still looks like it's the one from a drunk.
  • “@InfoQ: Adrian Cole announces JClouds 1.0 release” <-- revamped Clojure APIs (here, via @disclojure) -- It's always nice when someone helps put Clojure in relevant outlets like InfoQ. JClouds --that now has now two different Clojure APIs-- abstracts away the details of operating against a cloud provider.