So “something new” turned up to be “something very cool”. The intertweets have been quite bullish about ClojureScript, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is how the day played out:

Pre talk:

  • Clojure announcement scoop: In a tragic hair care accident Rich Hickey has cut his hair too short and can thus no longer work on Clojure. (via djwhitt)
  • Some speculation on the subject of Rich Hickey's big #clojure talk tonight! (here, via @stand) -- Not sure this prophet got it right...
  • Poll results are in! Thank you all for participating! Don't miss the creative "Other" suggestions (here, via @disclojure) -- and 17.8% of you were on the spot about the fact that the announcement as Clojure on JavaScript!

During the talk:

  • You now have video proof that @richhickey's hair is unharmed (via @cemerick)
  • uh oh! Javascript mentioned (via @disclojure)
  • ClojureScript! (via @redinger)
  • Clojure on JavaScript! (via @djspiewak)
  • FYI, the upcoming 'Clojure Programming' from @cgrand, @briancarper, & O'Reilly *will* include ClojureScript coverage. (here, via @cemerick)
  • 2nd ed of Programming Clojure will cover #clojurescript, so y'all can stop calling me out of date (via @stuarthalloway)
  • ClojureScript is Clojure targetting JavaScript as platform. It's written completely in Clojure... no JS involved! (via @ghoseb)
  • ClojureScript -> no javascript used. it's a Clojure in Clojure. Generates javascript. Compiles it with Google's Closure. Will be faaaaast! (via @disclojure)
  • #ClojureScript is a first class implementation of Clojure with Macros, Protocols, Reader, etc. (via @ghoseb)
  • "Something new" was Hickey's understatement of the year. (via @maclausen)
  • Yes, your eyes and ears did not deceive you, #clojurescript has a reader so you can just send #clojure datastructures around. (via @abedra)
  • for production, target real platforms with reach: #Clojure targets Java 5, and #ClojureScript targets ECMAScript 3 (via @stuarthalloway)
  • is live (via @stuartsierra)
  • #clojurescript? Start here -> (here, via @disclojure)
  • (real) #ClojureScript Twitter demo code at (via @fogus)

Post Talk:

  • ReadWriteHack: ClojureScript: A Clojure to JavaScript Compiler (here, via @RWW) -- ReadWriteWeb has a short article on ClojureScript (with some authorship attributions that don't ring as totally correct to me)
  • Please use the #Clojure mailing list for #ClojureScript discussion (here, via @stuartsierra)
  • The biggest light bulb for me wrt #clojurescript is as #clojure's path to mobile devices. (via @stand)
  • ClojureScript, Clojure to Javascript compiler. Looks amazing and should increase Clojure's reach (here, via @nutritioustim) -- This posts to a wiki article with the rationale behind targeting JavaScript
  • so #clojurescript runs on node.js too.. that's quite interesting.. (here, via @javame)
  • Whoa. Clojure just became something I can't ignore. (via @justicefries)
Video and Slides will be made available “soonish”.