As most of you already know by now, Rich Hickey will be talking about "something new" tonight at the NYC Clojure meetup at 6.45pm EST (the event will also be streamed online.)┬áNow some of us have been pumping up this event, and in my case, I don’t know anything about what this “nomething new” could be. But I decided to ask all of you, and the response has been spectacular.

First the good news. The poll had, at the time of writing this, 181 respondents. Now the bad news. I used a BASIC account in, which I thought it was limited in number of questions. It turns out it is also limited in number of answers! So I can only report on 100. Sorry guys, not paying 1 year membership for this. If anyone at surveymonkey is reading this… ah well!

So here are the results (based on the 100 first responses):rh-poll

Now, creativity kicked in in the “Other” option; here are some of the suggestions:

  • Pods (finally)
  • A pony
  • Clojure without JVM
  • Clojure in Cobol (so it runs on Mainframes and VMS)
  • A simple solution to the Halting Problem
  • Yet another concurrency primitive
  • Commercial support for Clojure
  • JVM 7 support
  • Clojure in Scala (Ed: Ha!)
  • Do for Prolog what Clojure has done for Lisp
  • iTex 2.0 (?)
  • Events/Steam (sic) abstraction.
Thank you guys for participating. This has been fun!

Don’t forget to tune in to the live cast of the event tonight at 6.45pm EST.

Rich, the pressure is on now. You better deliver!