Yes, yes, heroku now provides support for Clojure, although you’ve know this for quite a while now

  • Flowchart for choosing the right Clojure type definition form (feedback wanted!) (here, via @cemerick) -- Have trouble choosing between deftype, defrecord, proxy, reify, or even a plain ol' map? This chart is for you then!
  • First intertweets by @maclausen just posted! (here, via @disclojure) -- Yes! Clojure has a new editor that will take care of Mondays (and thus letting me sleep an extra hour). Martin Clausen, Thanks!
  • @BackType Has Been Acquired by Twitter - Congrats guys! So, #twitter is adding #clojure to it's stack now? ;-) (here, via @looselytyped) -- Backtype (mostly @nathanmarz) have contributed Cascalog, ElephantDB and ¬†soon Storm to the Clojure community. Now it is time for twitter to take the blue clojure pill (or was it the red one?)
    • Clojure to be in use @twitter via @backtype acquisition (here, via @cemerick) -- More background on what's next for the Backtype guys (other than moving a few blocks south)
  • Clojure is now officially supported on Heroku (here, via @heroku) -- Heroku is a PaaS provider, and in the last version of their software stack, they provide support for Clojure with awesome companion tools (their strongest point). The article shows how easy it is to host your clojure app in there.
    • BOOM! Clojure on @heroku. I wrote an article for their dev center as well (here, via @abedra) -- This article shows how to build a full-blown webapp in clojure and deploy it on Heroku.
  • I absolutely cannot begin to understand why anyone would have anything positive to say about Lisp/Clojure. What have I missed? ¬†(via @DavidArno) -- Hey, not everything today has to be good news about clojure, right?!