Aaaaaaaaaand, I’m back :). We had a precious baby girl and she is now focusing her energies on eating, sleeping and pooping, in no particular order.

And it is sneaky of me to come back on Memorial day (a holiday in the USA), I know, I know, I am just easing myself back in to work and today sounds like an easy day.

  • Blogged a little bit about @ClojureAtlas and how great it is (here, via @ihodes) -- Clojure Atlas is a website that offers a graphical interface to navigate clojure. This brief review should incite you to give it a try (it's not free, as in beer at a bar)
  • Wow this guy is pretty bold about Clojure (here, via @igorgue) -- Pretty bold indeed! This guys offers to build a prototype of your (dreamed) web application in two weeks for $5000. The only conditions are: 1) you must provide wireframes in advance, and 2) It will be built in Clojure and Clojure only. Here is a related HackerNews thread.