NOTICE: disclojure will be taking a hiatus soon. A new baby will be joining my little family, just to spice it up a notch, and so I’ll be hanging out at the local dive bar for a week. Kidding! Once the baby is born I will take some time to relax, change diapers and all that stuff that comes along with a having a new baby. I prepared a quick FAQ for the occasion:

  1. When is the hiatus starting? Ask the baby, not me. Soon, I guess.
  2. How long will the hiatus be? Probably a couple of weeks. No commitments though, I might be in denial.
  3. What should we do in the meantime? Abstain from releasing extremely cool stuff, publishing very interesting blog posts and so on. And please oh please, do not release Clojure 1.3!
End of Special Transmission. Regular programming follows:
  • Adding sample output (JSON) page generated by #Clojure metrics tool to GitHub wiki (here, via @mauritsrijk) -- This is an output generated by clj-metrics, a tool that computes some statistics on your clojure code. Work in progress...
  • A new blog post on dynamic classloading of Clojure code with ServiceLoader, that we used in #crazysnake (here, via @m_holmqvist) -- You can dynamically load classes by their type (as opposed to by name) if you use ServiceLoader. In the case of the author, they wanted to load all classes implementing a particular interface. As anything classloader-related in the JVM world, the devil is in the details. So this article provides those details.
  • Interesting #clojure thought experiment: how would the last function you wrote benefit from turning all its arguments into functions? (via @craigandera) -- Hopefully not something like the Spring framework :/
  • nREPL v0.0.5 released to maven central, now compatible with Clojure 1.3.0 alphas. (here, via @cemerick) -- nREPL is a protocol (and an implementation on the server side) for remote connections to a clojure REPL, intended to be used by all kind of tools.
  • CodeRay 1.0 will support a new language: Clojure! (thanks to @heinz_gies) (here, via @murphy_karasu) -- CodeRay is a syntax highlighter for Ruby.
  • Force a #clojure #repl into your java application without modifying the source. Docs now demo using #spring ref app. (here, via @jwirde) -- Swank-Inject lets you inject a swank server to any remote java application as long as it is running in debug mode.
  • Using Clojure to visualize clusters built with Mahout's implementation of K-Means (here, via @antoniogarrote) -- There are so many cool projects involved in so little space in this post!