This covers Monday also, since I slacked off (well, not really, I was working to pay bills)

  • Gabriel Weinberg added !clojure to for me! sweet. Try searching "!clojure reduce" for example... (via @puredanger)
  • Un avant goût de la session Clojure à #mixit le 5 avril : interview des deux speakers @cgrand et @petitlaurent (here, via @duchessfr) -- A teaser interview of @cgrand and @petitlaurent for their upcoming talk at mixit (in French)
  • Calling Clojure from Java no longer implies coping w/ checked exceptions. FYI, checked exceptions are a figment of javac (here, via @cemerick) -- In short, IFn.invoke no longer declares an checked exception, therefore all other functions that use this function don't need to either deal with it or also declare it. What for, nobody seemed to be able to do much with it. Now it throws run time exceptions.
  • Why we are choosing Clojure as our main programming language (here, via @gislik)  -- This company moved away from Python and to Clojure, and this article explains their thought process. This article was followed up by a lively discussion at Hacker News
  • Lucene demo written in Clojure (here, via@bartezzini) -- Lucene is a Java based search engine library. This links to the code of an example of usage of Lucene from Cloure.
  • book - Programming Concurrency on the #JVM: Mastering Synchronization, STM, and Actors (here, via @devstonez) -- A new upcoming book from The Pragmatic Programmers that covers concurrent development with and features the languages Clojure, Scala, Groovy, JRuby and Java.
  • To my Clojurian brethren: Return (or, Progress Report on Meet Clojure) (here, via @IORayne) -- Anthony Simpson gives us an update on the status of "Meet Clojure" a free book on clojure that he is writing. From the article it seems like Anthony might also be close to getting a book deal with a publisher for this book itself.