This post actually covers the last few days, since I had a few technical issues (which, on the bright side, resulted in a very faaaaaast SSD in my laptop). Anyway, here you go:

  • My @clojure_conj talk on Simplicity is now available online: (here, via @stuarthalloway) -- If you thought defining simplicity is simple, you are simply oversimplifying.
  • Save the date! Clojure Conj 2011 is coming Nov 10-12 to Durham, NC. Register for updates (here, via @clojure_conj) -- Yours truly will be there in disguise. If you are planning on going, don't forget to register so that they know how many people to expect.
  • Clojure’s keyword can fill up your PermGen space (here, via @planetclojure) -- Yup kids, keywords don't get garbage-collected.
  • Btw Enlive 1.0 is out (here, via @cgrand) -- It was about time! This site has been (internally) powered via Enlive for over a year now (externally it is still Wordpress, embarrassing, I know.)
  • #clojure ring 0.3.7 released, now supports guessing mime-type by url extension. (here, via @wmacgyver) -- Slowly but surely, ring keeps getting more and more useful
  • Build your own Clojure toolkit (here, via @planetclojure) -- It might be obvious to Clojurians that come from the Java world, but for old lispers it might be not so obvious: it is pretty easy to share libraries in clojure, and even if a library is only a few lines of code the pain of releasing it is small compared to the benefits.