Wait, is it already 2011?! Somebody hit the brakes on time, it’s going too fast!

  • New blog post about creating simple command line apps in clojure (here, via @gar3thjon3s) -- This article shows how to do unix-style command line utilities with clojure, including parameter parsing and handling, and also not putting all the file in memory before processing it.
  • The best things in 2010 (here, via @planetclojure) -- @fogus lists what he thinks are the best things of 2010, including best clojure blog posts and such. Oh, and also counts the numbers of books he wrote this year. 1. weak.
  • Overheard: Has Clojure development stalled? - Lau: Does Clojure development appear a little stalled to you?... (here, via @LauJensen) -- Do we really need to do this during such dates? Yes, apparently. I can't complain because I was offline during all those days so I missed most of it. Yay me! ... And now let's see the aftermath:
    • Suddenly worried that Clojure has "stalled"? Worry not (here, via @cemerick) -- Rich Hickey entered the fray here. Funny he supplies a tl;dr version of his post :)
    • The commit stream on github says a resounding "no" (here, via @seancorfield)
    • On Clojures patches/community (here, vi a@planetclojure) -- @LauJensen, the author of the original post replies to some of the critiques of his controversial blog post.
  • Clojure in small pieces, a beginning (here, via @wmacgyver) -- Very very cool. This is a project aimed at creating a literate version of the sources of Clojure with the goal of "... break[ing] out the code that implements various features into sections organized around the ideas, making it easier to get a "conceptual view" of the code."
  • A Year of Clojure (here, via @puredanger) -- "A sprawling ramble through a year of Clojure development….good luck getting through this one!" Revelytix is committed to Clojure since they are  building their semantic web integration platform on this language, therefore Alex Miller's summary of his experiences with Clojure is very relevant for those who are considering Clojure for their new projects.