EDIT: Added missing link, changed title to reflect the right date.

  • Dynamic/static duality in Clojure compilation -- AOT vs source (here, via @kumarshantanu) -- A discussion in the Leiningen list about the different oddities of AOT compilation.
  • [...] hopefully the official launcher ideas will get some momentum. (here, via @trptcolin) -- Oh, how did I miss this one. It looks like we might have an 'official' clojure launcher application, so newbies don't get overwhelmed with the many different ways to start a clojure REPL.
  • Emblogginated: "Unification versus Pattern Matching… to the death!" (here, via @fogus) -- If you ever wondered why unification when there is pattern matching (e.g. matchjure)
  • Writing clojure is fun, but I need to sleep... Or not. Writing clojure is fun (via @paraseba) -- ... and that is the reason why I am up late writing this :)