Hey, I know you guys didn’t know what to do over the weekends since there were no postings on disclojure. Well, that situation is no more!

On Saturdays I will post about what happened a year ago in the Clojure universe. This way we’ll see how far we’ve all moved in just one year :)

Below is the first post of this series



So what happened on the week of Sept 23rd 2009?

  • I got the first evidence of a book named "Clojure in Action" being in the works. Now you can buy an early access version of it here.
  • The "Definitive Guide to Clojure" was announced. You can buy it here.
  • The "Time is the new Memory" interview with Rich Hickey at InfoQ was published. A lively debate followed in the comments section.
  • Hackers with Attitude (freitheit.com) published one of the first articles about programming Clojure on Google App Engine
  • JVM languages popularity according to stackoverflow.com tags was: Groovy(402), Scala(338), Clojure(182), Jython(105), JRuby(100) -- Here is how they fare now: Groovy 1228 (a 305% increase), Scala 2081 (615%), Clojure 915 (502%), Jython 267 (254%) and JRuby 384 (384%).
  • Conjure 0.2 was released.
  • @hugoduncan wrote clj-fluiddb, a clojure client-side library for FluidDB
  • Rich hickey spoke about Clojure at the JVM Languages Summit ('Are we there yet?')¬†and the slides were made available.