• just wrote a clojure autodoc mojo for the clojure-maven-plugin. would be cool to get it integrated. (here, via @puredanger) -- Autodoc is cool. Maven is cool too. Being able to use both at the same time? Cooler.
  • Best In Class - The tour (here, via @planetclojure) -- A walkthrough the Clojure code behind the code that powers the blog Best In Class
  • loves this picture (here, via @craigandera) -- Pure awesomeness!
    State: youre doing it wrong
  • ZeroMQ and Clojure, a brief introduction (here, via @antoniogarrote) -- "What would BSD sockets look like if they were to be designed today? That’s the question ZeroMQ designers seem to be trying to answer when they started working in the project." A great introduction to ZeroMQ and a detailed tutorial to get it up and running with Clojure.