Eventful day today :)

Clojure 1.2 is out

And as if there were not enough good news in the Clojure front today, there is also confirmation that there will be a Clojure conference this year. Named clojure-conj, It will take place in Durham, North Carolina (that’s in the USA) on October 22nd and 23rd. ┬áIf you are planning to go, please sign-up so they know how many attendees to plan for. I will be going, so I hope you meet you all there.

But other things happened today. Here is the list:

  • Really digging @bradfordcross's clojure Infer ML library; think *nix utils & pipes for ML tasks. (here, via @rjurney) -- This is WIP, but very promising. A library that lets you build your own Machine Learning system by hooking well-known -- and not-so-well-known -- learning algorithms. The beauty of the system is that it makes it very easy to connect algorithms.
  • Case-insensitive filesystems vs AOT-compiled Clojure (here, via @cemerick) -- A word of warning for those who compile Clojure code on file systems that are case-insensitive (OS X, I am looking at you!). Spoiler: if you created two functions, named MY-function and my-function, the compiler will write one over the other.
  • Hacker News should be renamed to Clojure News (via @vsedach) -- That's because Clojure rocks.
  • I hate to overshadow the #clojure 1.2 release, but I've released #midje 0.4.0 (features shown at #agile2010)(here, via @marick) -- Midje is a powerful testing framework for Clojure with emphasis in mocks, written by Brian Marick. This new version features a sweetened interface. Here is a heavily commented example of this new sweet interface (sweet indeed)