• Список рассылки про #Clojure на русском (here, via @alexott) -- A Clojure mailing list for Russian speakers.
  • Nice to see a huge list for cheatsheets including Clojure, Haskell, F#, Erlang and a ton of frameworks (here, via @mattpodwysocki) -- You can find a list of Clojure chatsheets here.
  • Announcing unfix, a Clojure library for prefix and postfix notation (here, via @fogus) -- Cool, now you can use clojure with pre-fix and post-tif notation. Cool! Now we need someone to remove those pesky parenthesis and add some semicolons here and there and we're all good. And also, get rid of that immutability stuff while you're at it ;)

As a side note, the Emerging Languages Camp is a hit. Lots of new and old crazy ideas flying around, and I would not be surprised if this event kickstarts a new wave  of cross-pollination between these languages. It was interesting to see how Clojure is referenced quite often as inspiration for some of these new languages. Also, out of about 80 attendees, it seems that at least 50 of them are developing a new programming language!