Better late than never. I finally got access to the Internet, just to realize that there is some kind of ‘virtual’ language war going on: Clojure vs Haskell vs Scala vs … vs who-knows-what-language. Oh well! The mandatory link to “Someone is wrong on the Internet” can be found here.

Here is what happened in the last few days:

  • In-Depth Book Review: Practical Clojure (here, via @acangiano) -- A review of the recently published book "Practical Clojure", by Luke VanderHart and Stuart Sierra. Summary: a good book that could use some more non-trivial examples.
  • Better #Clojure test results on the command line. Changes reporting of "lein test": diffs, clj-stacktrace and color (here, via @brentonashworth) -- This is about this fabulous new tool that helps you find out quickly why your tests failed, deview. In this new release, you can run it from the command line (via lein) and get the results right there. Before it would be html based so you needed a browser to see the results.
  • Instant clojure REPL: cljr + nailgun = big win (here, via @antoniogarrote) -- A couple of scripts that will set you up using cljr with nailgun. The end result is Clojure starting very fast, as there is no need to instantiate a new JVM every time you call cljr.
  • Getting Started w/ Google App Engine & Clojure (here, via @linksgoogle) -- This is the PDF of an article appeared at this months' issue of IEEE Internet Computing, and it's about programming web apps in clojure to be deployed within the Google App Engine infrastructure.
  • Leiningen 1.2.0 is out; biggest release yet ... have fun, build some Clojure. (here, via @technomancy) -- Lots of fixes and many new features that will make lein easier to adapt to your workflow.
  • Continuing my series of micro-interviews with Clojure Hackers I present (take 7 (david-nolen)) aka. @swannodette (here, via @fogus)
  • (->> (load-workbook "spreadsheet.xlsx") (select-sheet "Price List") (select-columns {:A :name, :B :price})) (here, via @mjul) -- If you read the code carefully you'll realize that what it is doing is the following: open an MS Excel spreadsheet and read some values from one of the sheets. Pretty impressive for a tweet, don't you think? This is @mjul's creative way to announce docjure, a library for reading and writing MS Office documents with Clojure. This library wraps Apache POI, so all the restrictions of POI also apply here.