• a question on hacker news... chime in... "why should i care about #clojure?" (here, via @SeanTAllen) -- In order to motivate you to chime in, here is the mandatory link to "somebody is wrong on the Internet"
  • Next #clojure training at Mountain View on July 31st by @arathore and me - only 6 spots left (here, via @sivajag) -- If you are in the Bay Area and want to learn Clojure from the pros, here is your chance.
  • Get @chrishouser's "The Joy of Clojure" for %40 off until July 22nd with code ju1540 (here, via @fogus) -- Just in case there is any reader that doesn't have it already...
  • most watched java project on github - clojure :] (via @pbadenski) -- How is that a Java project?
  • Aw shucks, that upstart Norvig knocked #Clojure off #1 (here, via @stuartsierra) -- Nah, it didn't. Not at least when I checked it out; "Practical Clojure" is, at the time of writing this, #1 in the "Bestsellers in Lisp" category :)

A quick note from your humble Clojure Tweets curator: I’ll be going to the Emerging Languages Camp next week, driving up to Portland, OR from the Bay Area with my family. My wife is in charge of getting us rooms along the way, and I know for a fact that one night we’re staying at a farm, sooooo… my Internet access during the next week is very up in the air, and the Intertweets might not come daily.

If you’re also going, then I hope I’ll see you there!