As disclojure hinted yesterday, Clojure 1.2.0-beta1 is out. Congratulations to all and many many thanks to Rich and crew for pouring countless hours and brain cells into this project. From what I am gathering from comments here and there, this beta release might not cause a huge disruption in the young Clojure ecosystem, since there are many projects out there that were already using a pre-beta version of Clojure 1.2.0.

Download Clojure and Clojure-contrib 1.2.0-beta1 from here,  and make sure you check the release notes here, as they are full of good news!

Other things happened today:

  • Clojure, Multi-core, AWS Cluster Compute & Lattes (here, via @hkrnws) -- Now that Amazon announced the availability of  Cluster Compute instances, which are big machines that you can reserve to be used in exclusivity, David Nolen went ahead and did some scalability tests with Aleph,  at $1.60/hr for a 8 CPU machine. Not too bad.
  • #clojure asynchronous http client (here, via @wmacgyver) -- Built on top of Ning's open sourced async-http-client, which in turn is built on top of Netty. Netty is getting a lot of love lately :)
  • I find it humorous that #clojure 1.2 is "beta" - we've been using it for 6 months (via @dysinger)
  • If deview is too much for you, then take a look at lein-difftest. Just like "lein test" but with diffs. (here, via @brentonashworth) -- Yesterday we mentioned this promising and very useful project to aid in testing and determining why tests failed. Now today the same author brings us a plugin for leiningen to make using Deview very easy.