• Interesting interview with Robert Martin @ rails conf 2010 (here, via @letronje) -- Robert Martin (a.k.a. Uncle Bob) gave a keynote talk at this year's Rails Conf, in which he suggested everyone to try Clojure. Here is the video of the keynote plus a short interview.
  • wonders if this means we're only a week from #clojure 1.2 (here, via @craigandera) -- July 1st target date?
Screen Shot, so you can see the actual date
  • destraction, n. removal of unnecessary abstraction so that data can be manipulated generically (via @stuarthalloway) -- Great! A new word... now, care to produce an example?
    • destraction example: servlet request, response, session, cookies, filters, et al => functions and maps #clojure #compojure (via @sturathalloway) -- Great! Thanks!
  • #clojure programming by contract lib from @fogus official site is live (here, via @wmacgyver)
  • #clojure #compojure web framework 0.4 released (here, via @wmacgyver)
  • New blog engine up and running: http://briancarper.net/ code here (via @BrianCarper) -- Brian rewrote his blog engine (called cow-blog) built on Clojure and Compojure. He also makes this new version of cow-blog's┬ácode available on github.
  • Jeff Rose totally gets it (here, via @stuarthalloway) -- Stuart points us at a rebuttal to this article rebutting Rich Hickey's reasons for not implementing actors in Clojure.