(This post also covers last Thursday since I slacked off that day… I blame it on the jet-lag and the Bay Area Clojure meetup)

  • Good overview of why the new defprotocol, etc. in #clojure is not the same as ruby monkey patching (here, via @bmabey) -- As the tweet says, the article from Dave Fayram (@kirindave) introduces types and protocols and explains some of their uses and more interestingly, the difference of Clojure's approach to extensibility and previous approaches by other languages (Ruby).
    • more on #clojure¬†protocols vs monkey patching, and good practice (here, via @wmacgyver) -- Email thread on the Clojure list in regards to the above article and some of the possible issues with protocols
    • if a protocol comes with #Clojure itself, avoid extending it to types you don't own. -Rich Hickey (via @wmacgyver) -- from the clojure list just referenced. It summarizes the thread.
  • TDD in Clojure. (here, via @unclebobmartin) -- Bob Martin provides a summary of the differences between practicing Test Driven Development with imperative languages vs. functional languages (in this case, Clojure). This article is most relevant from folks that are coming to Clojure from languages like Java or Ruby and that were already practicing TDD.
  • Implementation of linear-time Fibonacci's in Clojure fits 3 times into a tweet. Explanation would take some 50 tweets. Quite a density. (via @trzmiel)
  • June 8th Meeting: Clojure: Come join us for an evening dedicated to Clojure (here, via @boulderjug) -- Boulder, CO. June 8th at 6pm. Intro to Clojure and Advanced Clojure, all in one day, by Daniel Glauser.
  • Primitive types support for fns in #Clojure (here, via @cgrand) -- Cristophe proposes a hack to get ¬†such primitive type support for funtions. Then, Rich Hickey reviews it and comments on it... and then in quickly gets over my head :(
  • BestInClass.dk is now Open Sourced (here, via @LauJensen) -- Lau recently ditched Wordpress as his blogging tool and wrote his all-Clojure blogging system. Now he open-sourced it for all of us to enjoy and learn. Thanks! (can't wait to ditch Wordpress either)
  • a great post on benchmarking of Bagwell's Hash Array Mapped Trie in Clojure and Haskell (here, via @debasisgh) -- Interesting read about the quest for very fast hash maps in the Functional Programming world, and (yet again) about the perils of micro-benchmarks.