Big news today. Rich Hickey announced a Clojure/core (, a joint venture between himself and Relevance Ink (Stuart Halloway et al) as a practice providing mentorship, training and development services for Clojure actual or would-be users. It’s members will still spend 20% of their time contributing to Clojure. Hickey claims this is an important milestone to foster Clojure adoption and that and Hickey himself will remain independent entities from Clojure/core.

It is important for the long term future of Clojure that its main contributors remain independently funded. There are now many folks that are starting to generate revenue out of Clojure and this is a sign that Clojure usage is increasing where it counts: mission-critical applications. Clojure/core will allow Clojure to remain independent.

Other things happened today in the Intertweets:

  • David Miller talks to Carl and Richard about Clojure-CLR, a .NET implementation of the Clojure language (here, via @jrguay)
  • Compojure Sessions with Sandbar (here, via @ghoseb) -- This the fifth article in a series about writing web apps with Clojure and describes the use of sandbar with Compojure to manage stateful sessions