You might have noticed I haven’t posted in a few days. It turns out that in some hotels in Spain, when they offer internet, they mean you can use the phone to dial-up your ISP… and for that you need a modem. A modem. In 2010. Oh well.

Here are the relevant tweets of the day:

  • Clojure in the field (here, via @spariev) -- The presentation that @stuarthalloway gave at the last QCon is now online at (video and slides). It's an intro to Clojure with some real-life experiences.
  • Functional HTML Templating with Clojure (here, via @n8han) -- David Nolen (a.k.a. @swannodette) will be talking about @cgrand's Enlive funtional HTML templating framework for Clojure at the NYC Clojure Users Group tomorrow May 19th at 7pm.
  • A different take on mocking in #clojure (here, via @hugoduncan) -- With this article Hugo Duncan introduces his mocking framework atticus which in some ways is more idiomatic that the existing mocking frameworks for clojure. Work in progress.