Tax day in the US, so I am assuming the drop in the number of tweets has to do with this event :(

  • Didn't know there was a Bangalore Clojure Users group: but only 27 members? That few Clojure developers in Bangalore? (here, via @sids) -- Maybe now you'll get more people to sign up?
  • 20+ Clojurians to Follow on Twitter  (here, via @IndianGuru) -- Satish Talim and Michael Kohl, the brain behind the upcoming free Clojure 101 training have compiled a list of clojurians you can (should) follow on twitter.
  • "Clojure is so close to Lisp and Scheme that it is better to join it with other Lisp like languages." ha-ha #fail (here, via @cemerick) -- Really? Clojure is as popular as CL and Scheme? The guys who put together the TIPBE Programming Community Index seem to think so. Ah, and C surpassed Java (!)
  • Rich Hickey thinks Clojure 1.2 is near! (via @clojure) -- Folks, I really don't know what to say about this tweet. @clojure is not Rich Hickey as far as I know. Also there is no link to any email/chat log that provides any evidence of this... So I don't know how credible this tweet is :( . Any hints? EDIT: @laujensen actually confirmed that I am totally wrong on this and that indeed Rich Hickey said in IRC that Clojure 1.2 is near... my bad!
  • lein bash completion (here, via @timcharper) -- If you're on Un*x and using bash, this addition to your completion script will provide you with completion for leiningen at the command line.
  • my #oredev intro to #clojure is finally online (here, via @stuarthalloway)-- There is another presentation from the same event that was already online here (Concurrent Programming in Clojure)