The clojure twitterati have been busy the last two days discussing how to make it easy for developers approaching clojure to start developing quickly. The tendency of many clojurians to use and promote Emacs+Slime is seen as a potential deterrent for newbies to feel comfortable with Clojure. It does look like the community needs to make a bigger effort in promoting IDEs that are closer to what current non-lisp developers use (i.e. Netbeans, IntelliJ, Eclipse, etc…).

In parallel, a similar discussion started in regards to build tools. Maven vs. Leiningen, which one is easier/better…

But that is not all, here are the rest of the tweets:

  • Announcing Pro Clojure - a day-long Clojure boot camp in the Bay Area (here, via @amitrathore) -- Amit Rathore, the author of "Clojure in Action" is running this one-day (Saturday May 1st) training sessions in Mountain View, CA. Register now to get a steep discount!
  • Scala, Ruby, Clojure and Go at SD Forum [vid] (here and here, via @dpp) -- Videos of the "Emerging Languages Face-off" session of the Emerging Tech SIG that took place last March 10th in Palo Alto, CA.
  • How I develop #Clojure with Vim: for the non-Emacs folk. (here, via @thnetos) -- This article describes a Clojure development environment with similar functionality that what you'd get with Emacs+Swank+Slime, but with Vim and @kotarak's VimClojure. The author walks us over the steps necessary to obtain a very functional clojure development environment.
  • Clojure memoize done right. Thanks to Eugen Dück and @cgrand (here, via @kotarak) -- A summary article of all the different memoize implementations that have been suggested lately. Most of them are concurrent versions of memoize and they are a great tutorial to understand the different concurrency features of Clojure.
  • #Columbus now has a #Clojure user group. See and Twitter ID @inclojure (here, via @kaleidic)
  • Getting my slide deck ready for a tour of Clojure on wed (here, via @abedra) -- If you are around Charlotte, NC on March 17th, there is a clojure talk at tha Charlotte JUG by Aaron Bedra at 6pm.