• Fragment selectors (a new Enlive feature) are useful for webscraping too (here, via @cgrand) -- Fragments are a way of creating sub-templates in Enlive. This example shows how to use them also for web scraping.
  • tcrayford's clojure-refactoring at master (here, via @sldfjd) -- Library for Emacs that provides some automated refactorings.
  • Clojure just passed CL to become the #19 on the github high score chart (here, via @IORayne)

caption id=”attachment_716” align=”alignnone” width=”377” caption=”Clojure is num.19 at GitHub”Clojure is num.19 at GitHub/caption

  • Google analytics with #Clojure and #Incanter (here, via @liebke) -- Another illustrative article on how to create instant applications with Clojure from nakkaya.com: Pull data from Google Analytics and then process it and show it in nice graphs with Incanter.
  • Next week (3/11) is "Happy Tasty Clojure" from Kurt Christensen (here, via @jasonbock) -- If you are near the Twin Cities by 3/11, there is a talk on Clojure hosted by the Twin Cities Languages User Group