• Saving #Incanter charts as PDF documents (here, via @liebke) -- Title says it all. Now you can save your nifty charts to a PDF file. It is a real vector-based PDF to boot, not a rasterized one, so the charts in the PDF file scale nicely.
  • Dark theme for #Incanter charts (here, via @liebke) -- Apparently where David Liebke lives there are no weekends, only weekdays, so he keeps improving his Incanter project.
  • Take a look at the proposed Rohner Arrow (here, via @fulldisclojure) -- Awesome macro that lets you ...er, just take a look at the code snippet below:

clj user=> (macroexpand-all ‘(->r c (+ _ 32) (* 1.8 ))) (* 1.8 (+ c 32)) /clj

  • Want to play with a clojure CLR REPL and don't want to compile it yourself? I've made a crude installer (here, via @paulbatum) -- Clicking the link will prompt your browser to download said installer. I have not tested it, since I do not have a Windows machine.
  • I just released some updates to CLJENV. If you didn't know, it's like virtualenv for Clojure (here, via @offbytwo) -- Lets you work (on Unix) with different Clojure environments, and be able to switch between them easily. "CLJENV includes clojure and contrib 1.1, slime, clojure-mode and swank-clojure. Also, a clojure script that does what you expect."
  • rewrote clojure-json encoder using clojure 1.2 protocols, more than 2x speedup for same functionality. Yay! (via @danlarkin) -- Great anecdotal evidence that that the new protocol addition was a good decision.
  • Mu: Google AI Challenge in Clojure (here, via @jneira) -- Google sponsors an AI Challenge with the University of Waterloo to create the smartest 'tron' player. The author provides a clojure version of the 'starter-package' that Google has made available for the challengers. Below is a video of a few 'tron' AI players playing. Happy hacking!!!

Want to meet-up with fellow Clojurers/istas/ians? Here are the new options announced this weekend:

  • Mon Feb 7th @ 7pm in Singapore: slides ready, now to practice a few times & go over the code before Monday (here, via @mmazur)
  • Wed Feb 10th @ 7.30pm in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Clojurians: Meetup next Wednesday? (here, via @neotyk)
  • Thu Feb 11th @ 7pm in Seattle, WA: Seattle Clojure meeting will be on the 11th (Thurs) at 7pm at U-district @zokacoffee. ¬†Swing on by! (here, via @technomancy)