• Yes but it's UGLY. No guarantees. (here, via @fulldisclojure) -- If you watched the latest screencast from Full Disclojure you might have noticed the nifty inspector that Sean Devlin was using. Well, here is the source code for such inspector.
  • Clojure debug-repl now uses defmacro's new implicit &env arg (here, via @georgejahad) -- ¬†This is an update version of debug-repl that allows you open a debug REPL anywhere in your code so you can debug when the execution reaches the pre-defined point. This version allows you to exit the debugging environment quickly regardless of the level of nesting
  • clojure comojure gzip (here, via @tebeka) -- how to write a gzip handler for Compojure that gzips your pages before sending them back to the browser.
  • [...]¬†Clojure pattern matching (here, via @fogus) -- This links to a rather old article on a pattern haskell-esque pattern matching library for Clojure, for example:

clj; simple recursive evaluator (defn arithmetic lst (match lst v :when (number? v) v _ "error" ] "error" _ _ "error" "error" "add" a b (+ (arithmetic a) (arithmetic b)) "sub" a b (- (arithmetic a) (arithmetic b)) "mul" a b (* (arithmetic a) (arithmetic b)) "div" a b (/ (arithmetic a) (arithmetic b)) "squared" a (arithmetic "mul" (arithmetic a) (arithmetic a)) "error" )) /clj