• Rich Hickey on Clojure in Clojure (here, via @superpants5000) -- This is a video recorded during the first meet-up of the NYC clojure user group, in which Rich is discussing the philosophy and motives behind Clojure in Clojure. Unfortunately the video cuts off because of battery issues with the camera.

vimeo 9090935

  • Scala, JRuby, Groovy, Clojure: JVM-Sprachen mit Potenzial (here, via@JAXenter_News) -- The readers of JAX enter magazine in Germany have voted about which JVM-based languages have most potential. The tally is Scala (31%), JRuby (26%), Groovy (19%) and Clojure (15%). The rest of the languages are far behind, the next one being Jython at 3%.
  • Cool, a talk on the #clojure programming language next tuesday evening in Berlin (here, via @pholdings) -- If you are near Berlin next Tuesday Feb 2nd, there is a clojure talk there in the Berlin Lispers Meetup (see link for details)
  • la #clojure plugin for #intellij 9.0.1 is now available! (via @wmacgyver) -- Finally!
  • My latest project is on github: Rincanter: R, Clojure, Incanter in the same REPL (here, via @jolby) -- From the author: "Rincanter is a clojure/incanter wrapper around the rosuda JRIEngine Java/R bridge. The hope is to allow easy access to an embedded R engine from incanter. It also offers translation between clojure/incanter datatypes and R datatypes such as R dataframe to incanter dataset."
  • Nice, there's webmachine-esque and content-negotiation libs for compojure already (via @chrishouser) -- Nice to see how the Compojure ecosystem is growing :)
  • Philly's Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise Conference¬†just added: Case Study in Using #Clojure #AMQP #Chef #Cucumber #JRuby (here, via @jennrapp) -- The talk sounds interesting. There is also a talk from Rich Hickey himself "Clojure's Approach to State and Identity" :)
  • Rewrote #clojure contrib.json again with Protocols (here, via @stuartsierra) -- Good to see the new features of Clojure 1.2 being used!
  • New little blog post: The Joy of Clojure, my perspective (here, via @chrishouser) -- Why "The Joy of Clojure" is a different book? Because the book is not about programming in Clojure, but about Clojure the language. Just like how "On Lisp" relates to Common Lisp.
  • Episode 9 is up (here, via @fulldisclojure) -- Sean Devlin's new screencast explains why the parenthesis in any lisp are such a key part of the language. For that he explores how in Clojure, code is data, and so a Clojure program is just an elaborate data structure. Use this video to convince your friends!
By the way, you can still buy the alpha e-books of ¬†”Clojure in Action” and ”The Joy of Clojure” at a 40% discount with the code “f440”. The purchase of the alpha e-book gives you rights to own the final book, so don’t hesitate!