• Compile-time type-checking multimethods in #clojure (here, via @stuartsierra) -- Performing type checking at compile time could potentially speedup multimethod calls and order of magnitude, but only when the correct type can be inferred.
  • Lindenmayer system in Clojure (here, via @swannodette) -- Nurullah Akkaya, that blogs under nakkaya.com is on a roll. Here is a new article on how to build Lindernmayer systems in clojure. L-Systems can be used to create fractals. Somehow Nurullah makes difficult endeavours look simple!
  • Thanks Clojure. Every other JVM Languaje now sucks (via @omargomez) -- Word!

Aaaaaand… that’s it for today. Unfortunately, there are a lot of tweets in Japanese that I have no way to understand :(  –> Any Japanese speaking volunteer?

EDIT: So all the Japanese chatter was related to the fact that @stuarthalloway’s book has been translated to Japanese and published on this day, as evidenced by this Amazon.jp page. The cover of the Japanese version of the book is pretty nice (thanks @atosborne and @fogus)