• Episode 8 is up (here, via @fulldisclojure) -- Next issue of the weekly screencast from @fulldisclojure. This time about how to use Leiningen, the new Clojure build system by @technomancy, clojars.org, the clojure library repository and autodoc, the documentation generator.

vimeo 8934942

  • conjure - simple mocking and stubbing for Clojure unit-tests (here, via @amitrathore) -- title says it all :)
  • just pushed #clojure support for jclouds to #crane #aws #rackspace #vcloud #atmos #azure (here, via @jclouds) -- so now crane can work with many more cloud environments other than AWS: rackspace, vcloud, atmos, azure
  • In #Clojure vectors are functions of their indices (map '[a b c d e] [0 2 4]) => (a c e) (via @fogus) -- yet another example that Clojure is a language designed for twitter (i.e. 140 chars)
  • #clojure contrib 1.0.0 & 1.1.0 final releases are up! (zip files here and maven artifacts here, via @stuartsierra) -- clojure-contrib is now build using maven.
  • Having a nosy at @mattdw's #clojure based in-memory full text index system 'caponia' (here, via @brehaut)