I just came back from a special meetup at the Bay Area Clojure User Group (BAJUG) with Mark McGranaghan as the guest presenter.

Amit Rathore (BAJUG’s organizer and author of the upcoming ”Clojure in Action” book) announced that there were serious talks with various noted clojurians about a Clojure Conference to be held sometime after this summer! The plan is to host it somewhere in the Bay Area, and it seems that there are already talks about sponsorship.

I will post more about it as soon as more details are confirmed, but for the time being, if you have any suggestions, ideas or papers that you want to present, please email them to Amit Rathore at his gmail account. (yeah, his email is not that hard to figure out: firstlast@gmail.com, no spaces)

Good times! I hope I’ll see you all there!