Happy New Year!!! Woo hoo!!!

Now, let’s get down to business:

  • Clojure 1.1 released!!! (here, via @fogus) -- That was a nice pre-new year's surprise :) You can see what's new in the release notes, and also Sean Devlin is putting together a series of short screencasts explaining in detail the most significant new features. Happy coding everyone!!!
  • Scotch, chocolate, and Clojure. (via @abscondment) -- This one really hit some spot with me. I'd say Chivas Regal with 85% dark chocolate and Clojure 1.1... I take suggestions though!
  • Solving cryptograms in Clojure (here, via @abscondment) -- Ah, so Scotch and chocolate (see item right before this one) will bring you to try to solve cryptograms in Clojure using a modified version of Peter Norvig's Sudoku Solver, by adapting its constraint propagation algorithm. Here is the result: cryptogram.clj ... I must have not mixed the right amounts of Scotch and chocolate, since my results cannot be posted online ;)
  • Proposal for clojure.io from @technomancy (here, via @fogus) -- @technomancy proposes moving I/O related stuff from contrib to the clojure namespace itself (clojure.io). The reason being that IO might be one of the top reasons for using contrib in the first place. @stuartsierra indicated that Rich Hickey has already some plans on building a functional, stream-based and thread-safe IO library. The original thread is still active, so feel free to provide your insights.
  • Griffon clojure 0.4 plugin released, upgraded to Clojure 1.1 (here, via @aalmiray) -- The Clojure plugin enables compiling and running Clojure code on your Griffon application. Griffon is a Grails like application framework (MVC, convention over configuration, etc..)¬†for developing desktop applications in Groovy.
  • Irresponsibly releasing swank-clojure 1.1.0 (here, via @technomancy) -- If you're using Emacs with SLIME, then you're using swank-clojure... so this is a big deal. Looks like it is mainly about bug fixes.