Although the intertweets have been particularly busy today, it was mostly about tweets with the #code2009 hash in which developers outlined the languages they have programmed this year. I have to say, there are many people out there that are trying Clojure!

In any case, here are some interesting tweets :

  • Polyglot Folding (Ruby, Clojure, Scala) - fold in a nutshell It’s common to use the fold family of higher... (here, via @superpants5000) -- A rather deep dive on how folding works in the three listed languages. Interesting to see the code examples in Ruby and Scala and reminisce of all those developers saying that parens make Clojure code unreadable...
  • All my methods take 316 arguments, and I like it that way (here, via @cemerick) -- Not strictly about Clojure, the article proposes an interesting twist to the discussion Imperative vs. Functional programming. The twist is to look at imperative code considering that for each function or method call, you are also passing all the global variables as implicit parameters to such function or method; this is what is actually happening. Would you be OK with signatures with 316 parameters?
  • Adia: A Week With #Clojure And #MongoDB (here, via @zef) -- Zef introduces Adia, his new web development framework based on Clojure/Compojure and MongoDB. The article introduces both MongoDB and Clojure and explains the rationale behind Adia. The framework includes a way to define Entities (for the DB) and some page abstractions that provide some glue code to reference DB entities. There is also a wiki made with Adia that you can take a look at to see how web applications can be build with it.
Folks, it has been an awesome year. I am glad I started and it has been a lot of fun so far. The Clojure community is friendly, smart, creative and very very helpful. Following this community is a privilege for me that I enjoy very much. I also really appreciated your comments, suggestions and encouragement. Thank you all!

I won’t be writing tomorrow (since most of you will not –or should not– be checking out this site), so I hope I will see you all in 2010.

I wish you all a happy 2010!


PS: Yeah, I know, not everyone celebrates the New Year tomorrow… but I do, and my whole family is visiting tomorrow after flying halfway through the globe ;)