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  • More news about the second Clojure book from Manning:
    • @fogus and I are writing a Clojure book. Maybe an early PDF up this week? A bit of a different angle than the various intro books (via @chrishouser) --  that's a little vague...
    • Check back on Christmas day -- Manning may grant your wish. If this week goes well maybe you will be able *2* Clojure books. (via @chrishouser) -- ah! That's more like it. So new book on clojure for Christmas!!!
  • Todd Hoff's top scalability links for 2009 (here, via @jamie_allen) --  A lists of very interesting links, one mentioning Clojure as one of the most interesting technologies of 2009
  • Tip: To view stack traces of exceptions in the Clojure REPL, do a (.printStackTrace *e) *e is a special var bound to last exception (via @mitchellh)
  • Excited to go to the first Capitol area Clojure user group (here, via @s_e_t_h) -- this reminds me, I need to collect the links of all the existing Clojure user groups.
  • Clojure :pre and :post (here, via @fogus) -- short article on the use of the new precondition and postcondition features of Clojure 1.1