Clojure 1.1 RC1 is out

Now it is time for us to test the new build for all possible bugs :)

Meanwhile, the Intertweets didn’t stop:

  • A gem so you can call clojure from JRuby? Sure, it's a one-liner now (here, via @timbray) -- Using Clojure from inside JRuby became ridiculously simple with maven_gem
  • The Clojure community is stupidly awesome (here, via @ghoseb) -- Indeed. Kudos fellow Clojurians! But the drive is not over and the drive hasn't met its goals.
  • Tracing and Debugging in Clojure (here, via @theWE_) -- This is about ctrace's "complete logging" functionality and how it helps finding bugs that clojure-contrib would not be able to find. Their use of Emacs' Org-mode to inspect the --long-- trace file is genius :)
  • Nice, just checked my google reader stats, in the last 30 days there's been over 3k tweets about clojure (including in non-english langs) (via @Westernwizard) -- No kidding! That means that has read 3000 tweets in the last 30 days too :D
  • Some thoughts on „pointfree“ style (here, via @kotarak) -- Pointfree is a functional programming style that favors function composition over a more, let's say iterative, style of keeping intermediate results in local variables. Pointfree style is supposed to be a "cleaner", but @kotrarak compares them both and shows how sometimes code readability can be compromised when using pointfree style.
  • Another preview from my 2010 predictions: Erlang & Clojure r going to start supplanting Ruby as the hacker & startup "go to" languages (via @communicating)
  • Another preview from my 2010 predictions: Much like Clojure utilizes a VM many new, highly specific micro languages will do the same (via @communicating)
  • cool, a BERT implementation for #clojure (here, via @bmabey) -- A serialization library for  BERT (Binary ERlang Term). This would allow data exchange between Clojure and Erlang
  • Recommended reading: The Incanter source code. (via @fogus) -- Indeed!