So a week ago I tweeted asking for what people thought was the best name for a Clojure practitioner. I had suggested ‘clojurian’ and ‘clojurer’. I got a few responses, some of them voting for one of the two proposed names, and some of them proposing new names.

I also got responses rejecting the whole concept of a ‘clojure practitioner’ with the argument that a programmer is a programmer, regardless of the programming language used at a particular time. They consider themselves to be just ‘programmers’ since they use many different programming languages at any time and therefore they are not tied to any particular language. Fair enough. But this doesn’t really solve my problem: when I want to refer to ‘programmers who happen to use Clojure amongst other languages’ I would like it to use a shorter name than ‘programmers who…’

So here are the (extended) options again, in case you want to cast your vote (in the form of a comment on this post):

  • Clojurian
  • Clojurer
  • Clojeur
  • Clojurist
  • Programmer
Cast your vote!