This is an extract of Rich Hickey’s recent post about the need to find a way to fund his work on Clojure development. Please read it carefully and see what you can do to help:

“It is important when using open source software that you consider who is paying for it, because someone is. There is no such thing as free software.”

“As should be obvious, Clojure is a labor of love on my part. Started as a self-funded sabbatical project, Clojure has come to occupy me far more than full-time. However, Clojure does not have institutional or corporate sponsorship, and was not, and is not, the by-product of another profitable endeavor. I have borne the costs of developing Clojure myself, but 2009 is the last year I, or my family, can bear that.”

“If you are an individual user of Clojure, I encourage you to contribute $100/year to Clojure development, via the donation system.” (find the “donate” button in this page)

“If you are using Clojure in a business endeavor, I appreciate and applaud your savvy, and wish you much success and profit. I think Clojure needs several of you to recognize your mutual self interest in a continuing strong core development effort, and the collective value in pooling resources to fund Clojure. Each business can fund some weeks or months of my Clojure development time.”