Happy Thanksgiving day for all who live in the US!

  • Scalable scraping in Clojure (here, via @antest) -- A tutorial that builds a tool to monitor craigslist to find relevant posts and store them to disk. The interesting part is the architecture of the final application, which is quite scalable!
  • Emacs, Clojure and Windows (here, via @jneira) -- If you *have* to develop Clojure on Windows and want to use Emacs, this is your article
  • Generating Clojure import lines using SLIME (here, via @jneira) -- this is an awesome hack. As the author says: "Pretty gross! But then who of us isn't?" ... well, it's not that gross! And it gets Emacs a tad closer to IntelliJ+LaClojure or Netbeans+Enclojure...
  • Summary of Clojure usage survey (here, via @stuartsierra) --  69% of you get their clojure from GitHub? Geeks!
  • Start of continuation-based library on top of #compojure in #clojure (here, via @wmacgyver) -- or how you don't need to do OO to have modular code... This article is about adding comprehensive session handling to Compojure in a clean way
  • Concur.next — More Clojure I/O (here, via @timbray) -- Yet another article in Tim Bray's series exploring Clojure. This time he incorporates some of the suggestions found in the comments to his previous articles, adding map-reduce and agents to his wide-finder code. He is not conclusive on the relative performance of Clojure vs. other languages, but states the following: "I wondered how much of that 70 minutes might be a Clojure tax, so I wrote a Java version, as close to identical as I could manage, and it took... about 68 minutes. Good for Clojure."