(NOTE: somehow this article got posted in the wrong place of this blog yesterday… so I am reposting it today)

  • Clojure: A few things I've been tripping up on (here, via @planettw) -- This article gives an insight on some difficulties that newcomers to LISP in general and Clojure in particular. Sometimes it is easy to realize when talking to non-lispers how there is an impedance mistmatch at the most basic level, especially for those coming from procedural languages.
  • Building Incanter applications with Leiningen and Clojars.org (here, via @liebke) -- If Leiningen and Clojars.org needed any validation, here it comes. If you need a full example to understand why these two tools are so useful then a look at how easy it is today to create a new Incanter project will help.
  • Stuart Sierra (Columbia U.) and Tim Dysinger (Sonian Networks) on Hadoop and Clojure at 'Hadoop World' (here, via @cloudera)
  • java -Xbootclasspath/a:clojure.jar rocks. Down to 350ms startup time for Clojure (via @atosborne) -- nice!