• Join us Nov 15 for SF SemWeb install fest. Hands on session "Using Clojure with AllegroGraph" (here, via @Franzinc)
  • Multimaps in Clojure (here, via @stuartsierra) -- source code of how to implement a multimap in clojure.
  • Clojure presentations updated: Creative Commons license. Spread the love. (here, via @stuarthalloway) -- This refers to the very clever introduction to Clojure by the author of Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Programmers press), Stuart Halloway. If you want to hack some clojure at work but they won't let you, use this presentation as a weapon...

Oh, and it seems that a lot of tweeps thought that Google was into Clojure because they presented their Closure compiler… wishful thinking might have morphed the ‘s’ into a ‘j’ when reading the news.