Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I fought the dentist and the dentist won… so today we get a doubly long post. Enjoy!

  • You can play with #clojure (reify/deftype/defclass) right now! (here, via @richhickey) -- woot!?!?!
  • We setup a CI build & SNAPSHOT maven repo for #clojure : @technomancy @richhickey & myself :) (via @dysinger) -- woot?!?!?!
  • Be mindful of Clojure's binding (here, via @cemerick) -- plenty of pro advice on bindings. A must read or else you will spend lots hours debugging.
  • Very productive conversation about #clojure in stackoverflow about the use/abuse of recursions (here, via @bugspy)
  • #circumspec a BDD framework for #clojure (here, via @wmacgyver)
  • Excellent post on #clojure and the beauty of functional programming by @laujensen (here, via @stilkov)
  • Clojure N00b Tips from Tim Bray (here, via @hrjn_rss)