I guess that in order to make it up for a slow news Monday, we have a busy news Tuesday… way to go!

  • Amit Rathore got the Green Paper out for his upcoming book Clojure in Action - go get it now; it will be an awesome book (here, via @amitrathore)
  • xpojure.com  -- Post your code snippet n hit the "run snippet" button. Works for clojure snippets only so far. (here, via @alenribic) -- this is an awesome idea. Good luck!
  • Functional and Beautiful - Building a CRUD application using Clojure and Flash Builder 4 (here, via @anirudhs) -- Don't miss out on the simplicity of the data access code.
  • Wow, clojure-maven-plugin 1.1 is in central already, now that's service! (via @talios) -- with new clojure:repl and clojure:swank goals