This weekend there have been only three types of tweets on clojure:

  1. tweets about Rich Hickey's QCon London 2009 presentation on time, concurrency and persistent data structures : "Persistent Data Structures and Managed References"
  2. tweets about Stuart Sierra's Clojure+Hadoop at Hadoop World in NYC
  3. the rest.
I will probably focus on the first two in followup articles, so here are the tweets in 3)
  • Clojure development on Android (here, via @philwhln)
  • An interesting Clojure startup script written in Ruby  (here, via @cypher)
  • A cool trick to get consistent renderings of Markdown texts both in the server and in the client by embedding JavaScript (rhino) in Clojure (here, via @bubbl_scala)
  • A 'processing' wrapper for Clojure (here, via @pedroangelo)
  • Parallel port scan in Clojure (here, via @vdichev)
  • A quick tip for debugging and profiling Clojure code with multimethods (here, via @jneira)