• Haskell/Clojure/Ruby/Groovy/Scala comparison (via @timbray) -- This is a response/follow-up to the series of articles posted by Stuart Halloway (of "Programming in Clojure" fame) in which he reasons about what are the characteristics of the probable successors of Java (on the JVM). The articles are named under the umbrella name of Java.next . In this article, Curt Sampson adds Haskell to the mix.
  • The Free Lunch Is Over: A Fundamental Turn Toward Concurrency in Software (via @ajlopez) -- Not directly related to Clojure, but it does provide the rationale behind the need to explore languages that deal with concurrency in a explicit, elegant and safe manner (clojure anyone?)  The article is rather old though, from 2004, but has been updated recently.

UPDATE: Fixed link in first article. Thanks for the readers who noticed!